How To Start Your Own Business


I think that we all agree in saying that our dream used to be getting a secure job, getting a nine to five work, retire and live from our savings interests. But that dream as awaken lots of people that started to see it has a real nightmare! This is no longer a dream for the 80's and 90's generations! People started to realize that they where working for someone else's dream in stead of their own's. The idea of working for someone else makes many of us bounce, felling chocked, unappreciated and undervalued! With a constant urge to take your own life! It all starts on Monday! By Friday... you are nothing but a soulless being!  

There is only one way out for this... start your own business! Hey, do you prefere to struggle for your dreams or for someone else's?!  

It all starts with an idea. Assuming that you have an idea for a business that you want to start, the first step you need to make is to set your intentions. Intentions like this:
- I will continue in my actual job for one more year!
- I intend to save enough money in order to start my business!
- I want to spend more time with my family.
- I am going to be my own boss e make my own rules!
- I am going to struggle in order to be economically independent!  

These are just some example intentions. You must set your own a take it seriously. Always have them in mind, they will set your course. By repeating them daily you are making them a reality and setting a easier path in order to achieve them!

Success means work! I know you want to things just happen! You want to just say your intentions and they, like a spell, materialize your dreams... not going to happen! Set a realistic task schedule to do for after work in order to make your business possible. Stick to it and if it fails... adapt, correct and keep going! Kicking your feet up isn’t going to help you escape the stranglehold your nine to five job. 

In order for your routine to work and get steady settled, you need to start with small steps first. Never set tasks that will drain you or that get you frustrated! The success for a routine to get accepted is to make it simple and easy to follow. Then start to add new and more demanding tasks.
Sorry to say this, but... there will be sacrifices needed to be done! We all have a favorite TV show, but just sitting on the couch watching it will not help you start a new career.

You will only be successful if you take care off all you life aspects. If you, in your route to success neglect your family... you will be a looser! Devote time to your love ones. Spend time doing something with your family. Never miss dinner, spend some quality time with them and avoid talking about work of any kind. Go for a walk, get some exercise, make a delicious meal together. It is simple and will make a solid base to be successful faster! When it’s time to work, shut out the distractions. 

When you start spending time working on your business, be focused only on that. Turn off notifications on your phone, close all the tabs you have open on Google Chrome. Shut your email down and don’t look at it unless that’s part of your work. Spend all your limited hours actually working. Make an effort to appreciate your time working on your dream, away from your nine to five job, and I guarantee that having a schedule won’t feel like the worst thing, specially when you start to collect the benefits of your work! Set realistic daily, weekly, and monthly goals.

After you create a structure and a schedule for yourself, start working on goals for your business. You will not get it set on the first try! This is a trial and error quest, so set daily, weekly, and monthly goals! You should make a list of goals you intend to complete each night. This small exercise should only take five to ten minutes of your time. Make a checklist so you can follow in what stage you are and after its done, cross it. Weekly goals must always be related to the daily tasks that you set and that you would never could complete in one evening. Monthly goals are your bigger goals and you’ll probably want to set these for one month, three months, six months and a year. It may seem silly to write down goals for a year from now, but trust me, it helps keep you accountable for that intention you set to leave your job in six months. Always relate them to your weekly tasks. In order to complete a monthly task you must have completed several weekly tasks. 

Goal setting can be uncomfortable and awkward at first, but like everything else, it gets better with practice. Starting your business while working a nine to five job isn’t easy, but it’s absolutely doable. Put these steps in place and you’ll not only be working for yourself in no time, but you’ll also will be looking forward to your work. All the results depend on you and in the way you can, step-by-step, make a solid basis. Focus on setting a routine... after you have accomplished that, you will be targeted focused on your success!  


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