How to Make a Wealthy Home


By looking to this title you might be inclined to believe that you are going to build a bank! You are not. Now, even if you are struggling with money, there are simple things that can make your home wealthier! There are simple things that make rich people good with money, they aren't big secrets, and on their own, they don't make much of a difference, but they help on building the stamina that in a long run will make you rich. Here are some keys. 

You must agree that certain lifestyle choices and daily habits are as valuable in the quest for wealth as a clear and instructed understanding of finance. But, there's a bunch of things that you should never do if you seek financial security.

Tom Corley in his book, Rich Habits - The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals, wrote a list of 10 rich habits that will make you rich, followed by 18 poverty habits that are keeping you in poverty. This can give you an idea on what you are doing wrong! 
In order to help you and make this a shortcut, we have shorten this thing down. Here are is a list of what rich people do and poor people don't. Spoiler alert... this has nothing to do with money!

To set goals is imperative. Eighty per cent of wealthy people are focused on accomplishing some single goal. Only twelve per cent of poor people do that. And write down your goals!!! Wealthy people are four times as likely to write down their goals as poor people. Make a clear distinction between what is a wish from what is a goal! Find out more here!

Did you know that seventy per cent of wealthy people eat less than three hundred junk food calories each day? Comparing, ninety seven per cent of poor people eat more than three hundred junk food calories per day. Tom Corley undertook his own research on the habits of rich people and poor people by interviewing real people!

Are you the sort of person who speaks out from his heart every thought on your mind? It is better for you to stop it. Tom Corley found out that, only eleven point six per cent of wealthy people say what's on their mind. The percentage of poor people that say what they think is around sixty nine per cent. So, it will not make you seem bolder, visionary or anything, to speak out all of your thoughts, it is in fact, labeling you as dangerous, potentially treasonous and definitely not the sort of person who will be promoted. 

According to Tom, seventy six per cent of wealthy people, do aerobic exercises, at least four days a week. Around twenty tree per cent of poor people... do not! Or anything!

There is a massive eighty eight per cent of wealthy people that read material which relates to their education or career for at least 30 minutes each day. Only just two per cent of poor people do likewise. If you want to make money... read!  
It is normal for wealthy people to read to their kids as well.

Eighty one per cent of wealthy people keep a to-do list. It is important for you to see tasks being achieved. Try an old-fashioned bit of paper, write your tasks down and has they get done cross them. It will make you feel good and with a sense of job done!

You better stop doing that or your brain will shrink! If you don't know, you are indulging in the number one activity which keeps nobodies from becoming somebodies. Tom Corley found that sixty seven per cent of wealthy people watch an hour or less of TV each day, and that only six per cent watch reality TV... compared to seventy eight per cent of poor people.

If you are working for someone else's dream, chances are you will never be working for your own dreams. Following something word by word, will not make you anywhere also. Read, learn and adapt by taking the bits that apply to you, be a little flexible and do things your way.

We believe that not everyone has the luxury of being able to pick themselves up. You need to be focused, with time and with the right resources in order to make it real. We think that in order to change happens, changes must be made! The first is to stop making others responsible for your misfortune. We agree that, when you start to succeed, it is better for you to be responsible for that success, otherwise you will never be able to make it again if you fall! The choices that you make set the life that you take


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