How To Make Money From Your Website


Making money from a website is a dream of many but a reality only to few! I tried one money making method after another, finding that the problem was, there are just too many opportunities to make money from a website and the worst part was making that choice. Whether you have an established website you want to monetize or you plan to build a new website to create an additional stream of income, here are a few ideas that can help you get that extra buck! 

Be an Amazon Affiliate. Promoting Amazon products on your website in exchange for a small (4% to 8%) commission. Is one of the easiest ways to make money online, effective if you can sell lots of cheap items or at least a few very expensive items. Remember, all little things can add up to big earnings and all you have to do is remember to put your affiliate link into your relevant content.

Create your own Digital Product, like eBooks. An eBook can be short if it get straight to the point or you can create a video course in a single afternoon by just talking to your webcam. Bare this in mind, creating your own course ensures it matches your niche perfectly, increasing the likelihood visitors to buy it.

Get a List by creating a weekly email newsletter to turn occasional visitors into regular readers. and USE it! The more content your create, the more of yours people read, the more opportunities you have to sell to them.

Encourage people to join a forum for your niche. Active forum members will return to your forum everyday, creating additional opportunities for you to sell to them. People that join a particular niche forum are very engaged in the topic.

Find more customers by creating joint ventures with other people in your niche who aren’t direct competitors, once you have a profitable website.

Pop-ups and pop-unders are perfect for sites with high visitor numbers but low engagement. If your visitors aren’t clicking any of your ads while on your site, you might as well earn on them when they enter or leave. Revenue from this type of ads is quite low. Earnings are often just pennies per thousands impressions. Still, if you got hundreds of thousands visitor per month if could add up to some nice numbers.

Sponsored content is often confused with paid links, where an advertiser is pays solely for link placement. Paid links can get you in trouble with Google, and there’s a fine line between sponsored content and paid links. A good rule of thumb here is that your audience should value the content and learn something from it. It’s the content that matters, not so much the actual link to the paying advertiser.

No matter which methods above you use to monetize your website, they all require one thing, lots of traffic to your website. Especially if you go with the advertising angle. Getting lots of page views and unique visitors to your website starts with offering a steady flow of really great content. But just posting good content isn’t enough: you have to get out there and let people know about it on your social media platforms. And you have to actually connect with people on a personal level as opposed to just using them as self-promotional tools for yourself and your products.

It is a lot of continuous work and takes some time, but it is definitely doable. If you have a good strategy and plan up front. If you wanted a quick easy fix, you may be able to find one out there, but from what we’ve seen the quick methods of making money online typically don’t last long term - and they are often disrespectful of your audience.


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