How to Be a Gentleman


Times have changed and it is true that some manners are in disuse and decaying. Being a gentleman is about etiquette and decorum, and some habits will always be appreciated. What hasn’t changed in over a century is that a gentleman knows how to behave toward other people. And this is the fundamental key. By analyzing past works, such as A Gentleman’s Guide to Etiquette by Cecil B. Hartley, watching cultures of our modern society, and taken into account the views and opinions of both women and men, there are some results that are worth being shared


Please, pay attention to this! Knowing what you are doing is fundamental and dressing well is a form of good manners. If you are going to work, dress accordingly! If you are going on a date, do it also! From jogging to a keynote speech, a real gentleman always knows how to be at its best. 


A real gentleman respects women’s equality. He will not be diminished if a woman wants to pay a bill, or offers him a gift. But it is important to always be prepared to appreciate the other half. It is natural on a date for you both to do the “check dance”, even if she doesn’t want to dance. Find if the uncomfort is genuine and respect it.


When you’re with someone else, devote your time and energy to being present. It is true, much of our day time is devoted to our phones - but when you’re with someone else, devote your time and energy on being present and engaged with them. You are not the Siamese twin of your device. Use one of the most fantastic feature of your device... the off button. 


A gentleman's most appreciated skill is the ability to listen. If he can master this skill, he will also be a master in conversation. He must be engaged, thoughtful, and captivating. Shine but do not steal the spotlight from others. 


Find words that express your ideas eloquently. A gentleman does not use offensive language. Nor he makes judgments of others. He must find his speach to be rich and filled with content, without recurring to swagger or comum idiomatic ideas.  


Always practice the good. This is self explanatory. Be compassionate and show respect towards everyone. Don’t belittle or take advantage of others, ignore stereotypes, and understand that people from all walks of life are equal. It’s what we do that defines us.


Stand up when someone, man or woman, is trying to pass in front of you in a row of seats. Only a very small child can squeeze between your knees and the next row of seats, no matter how tight you think you’ve drawn yourself up.

Although most people might disagree, I often like to believe that the term “player” should be synonymous with gentleman. Quite frankly, if a player weren’t a gentleman, he would have a hard time being a player. If we look at it this way, we can see that these terms are interconnected.

Although many women may not be aware of this, they are insanely attracted to gentlemen. The world is full of butch pigs, so manners will always put you ahead of the dating game.


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