How To Be a Pro Blogger


Before you decide to be a pro blogger, you need to know that a lot has changed in the past few years. Blogging is not a simple or easy way to make money. However, blogging is one of the more reputable ways to earn money online, and if you are committed to working hard to learn how to do it properly, you can easily earn thousands of dollars a month blogging.

In order to become a successful full-time blogger earning reliable income, many skill sets are required. Professional blogging is not only about writing content.  This could be achieved by any good content writer. If you are looking to make a living blogging, you need to be serious in your approach and treat it like a professional business. As simple as that!

You need to think beyond the development of good content, to various other skills that need to be mastered such as:

- Management
- SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
- Social Media Marketing

oh... and Writing!!!

The following list is very important. Mastering this principles will make the difference and will help you overcome other bloggers!

You will need to have:
- Something To Say 
- A Reason
- A Model and Be A Model
- Aesthetics 
- A Routine
- Strengths of An Hero
- Patience
- Personality 

To be a professional blogger you must have a voice, something to say. You must have a position, own thoughts and you must have your own style. Experience is required, so you must have some sort of know-how in an area or niche. Don't fool yourself, you must be functionally literate. You don’t need to be the world’s greatest author but your writing needs to have a unique style if people are going to read your words. You must be an authority. No one wants to pay some schmuck to read about their journey to riches. Your readers want expert advice from a pro. So, be a PRO. You will need to have Something To Say

In order to be successful you have to have the proper mindset. Always think like a winner! With this tool you will be prepared for the major leagues of Pro Blogging, right from the start, have the mindset of a winner. You’ve got to know why you are writing a blog. If you want to be a professional blogger you need a reason, a plan, a strategy and a blueprint. Be truthful to yourself! If the reason is making money, go for it! You will need to have A Reason.  

Modeling is a very intelligent way to succeed. If someone is making it, if you do exactly the same steps, your success chances are really big. So, model your blog on another blog and you can "steal" ideas from other creative areas. The trick is to do it without no one notices you have stolen their ideas. The problem isn't copying... its what you do with the copy! Copy, learn, adapt and get big. Copy but improve it or add a different flavor. The trick is to make it your own. All can be learned on your own but it probably takes longer and you will have many instances when you just want to give up. But you can be certain that you can learn everything... your computer with an internet connection is a great learning tool. Online you will find lots of great models to "copy". You will need to have A Model and Be A Model.   

How you present you writing is also very important. Aesthetics mater, a good design is very important to stand out in the crowd. Neglecting the looks of your blog is a gigantic mistake, your blog has to look good. Your online representation has to look good. Looking good instantly makes everything you do better in the eyes of a reader. Remember, you want to be a Pro, so... look like a pro! Invest on the looks of your blog and you will see the difference. Don,t be sloppy! Bare in mind that a good looking but poorly written blog is worth more than a superbly written but sloppy looking blog. You will need to have Aesthetics

Create a routine! This is the most important part of your work. Everyone wants to be a world travelling blogger that writes from the beach and coffee shops in far-away countries. Forget all the creative smooth talking glam that "experts" sell you! A laptop? On the beach?! For real?! A coffee shop?! Filled with coming and going people... smells?! You need privacy and routine to create quality work. Period! Concentration is impossible when you are out of your normal routine. You will need to have A Routine

By being a blogger you will be exposed! Doesn’t matter what you write about, your words will expose you. You will be known to the world. The access to the depths of your heart and soul will be open and free. In order to connect with your readers you will have to give a piece of yourself. By doing so, you will need to have a very wide back, in order to take all this activity weight on your shoulders! You will need to have Strengths of An Hero.

Results will come to those who are committed. There is a rule in blogging. Time is the only way to get a paycheck. It will come, It will be steady, but first you have got to put in time before you get yourself payed. It takes time, so keep at it and do not give up. Probably you will not make any money your first week, month and probably you won’t make any money for a year. Remember, you are building something and that takes time. You will need to have Patience

Create the best articles you possibly can. Give to every article something of your own! Make it unique and likable. Do not be another senseless blogger that only writes for income and that provides no value. Be yourself, give something of you and you will be rewarded. Find your purpose, stick to you principles and prosper. But never forget that you are unique. If you feel to say something trashy about someone, do it! Deal with the consequences and go for it. It is your brand, you style... To be a top blogger you need to have Personality


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